SasWhat: A Podcast about Bigfoot

Episode 121: The Chestnut Ridge Recordings (feat. Stan Gordon)

June 6, 2017

This past weekend, Mark and Andy were present for the shooting of the next Small Town Monsters documentary, "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge," and found the time to record a segment for your listening enjoyment! In this episode, they explore the mysteries of southwestern Pennsylvania with guests Brandon Dalo and Stan Gordon. Standing in the shadow of the Kecksburg UFO replica, Andy, Mark, Brandon and Stan discuss the many strange features of this otherwise beautiful region. Don't worry, the conversation is 99.99% spoiler free as far the movie is concerned!

Special thanks to Stan Gordon for his invaluable assitance in the making of "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge," and for spending time with us on the shoot.

A special shout-out to Eric Altman; it was great to finally meet you face-to-face!

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